drifting #035 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 04.06.14

hi friends! it has been a few weeks, due to events at (drips), but here we are!

this week was a weird one with the passing of the godfather of house music frankie knuckles. i have been listening to all kinds of tributes to him this week, and hearing his music quite a bit. it has brought up a lot of feelings about where i am, and the relationship of my location to the rest of the house music community. i feel like a passing of someone as important to our community is a reminder that we are all connected, and we are all family. so thank you for being party of my life, and my family!

instead of playing the same tunes as everyone else this week, i decided to just shoot from the cuff and let the house flow through me, as it does… i ended up not playing a single frankie tune, but that’s ok… i went with my heart, and ended up playing important classics to me.

i started out with the kind of music i was jamming out with 15 years ago, and ended up with the sound that i am pushing more now. all of it is relative and completely makes sense in the scope of the music.

house music will always be in my life. because house music is my life. thank you to frankie knuckles for the light that lights my path.

croque monsieur – dino & terry
out of sight – dizzy & jado
drifting – modulators
rollergirl – magik johnson
beartrap – audiotonic – deep site space
dreams of you(b-boy version) – kevin yost
move on – random factor
si martin(jay tripwire remix) – cristoph
meltdown – magik johnson
satellite feat lori(fred everything remix) – audio soul project
twisted horns – the twisted pair
yesterday & forever – magik johnson
endless – dirty culture, yofunk
can’t hide it(tony lionni remix) – alton miller
another world featuring kevin yost & peter funk(03 version) – big sexy
we used to dance feat sunshine jones – dubtribe sound system
lemon pie – universal agents
love sweet sound(nic fanculli remix) – groove armada feat candi staton
gotta know – catz ‘n dogz
crystalised(agoria remix/dixon vocal retouch) – martina topley bird, warpaint, mark lanegan
shine(light the sun) – clarian
steady feat jaw – guy gerber, jaw


drifting #035 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 04.06.14.

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