clouds dripping



good morning friends! inspiration to paint has finally hit again. well maybe its inspiration, it could just be the fact that i can finally work outside again. so yesterday afternoon, i opened the garage door, and started working on these paintings. they are not quite finished yet, but getting there(i think they need a wash, like the rest of my work).

the story behind these is that i am once again testing where i can take my “tag” or my name. this time, i did my quick “tag” as the shape, and then turned it into a cloud. the cool thing about clouds, as well as these shapes, is that different people can see different things in them. which is completely the intention with these. kind of like the shape stencils i did before, where i can  keep layering and they keep turning into different things.

the one above is the first one i started. i had the cloud painted and felt like it was missing something, so out came the sunburst pattern stencil. i think it added to the piece. i had to redo the white, and then the dripping black ink. which i also like because it gives it the vibe of being out on the streets.


this one is painted on a piece of wood that i used as my work desk for a little while, so underneath all the color is notes that i wrote to myself. some practice tags, spilled paint, and a couple other things. i like the balance between the white and the colors. i am not sure i am finished with this one. as i look at it now, i am feeling like it needs something stenciled on it. leaning towards a word, or a phrase. as long as the rain doesn’t get in my way this afternoon, i will get back to working on this one.


this one is the last one that i worked on last night. out of the 3 i like the cloud on this one the best. the colors underneath are made by me tagging my name about 25 times on this, and then doing a technique that i have used before to make the paint look like it is clouding… someone else said it looks like bruises, which i guess i am ok with, however the cloud idea fits with the theme of the work.

as soon as i get off work today, i am headed to the lumber yard to get some more wood to paint on. so i imagine that there will be some more clouds painted in the next few days, to see where they can go.



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