“drips” initial plan


good morning friends! this morning i was able to finish off the initial business plan that i submitted to get a space. i know that it isn’t very comprehensive, or traditional. we are jumping in this quickly, as it was a thought i had a few weeks ago, and what i see as a good spot presented itself while researching spaces. i am shooting from the hip on this, and hoping that it works, and that the space will be able to see my vision, and believe in it as i do.


Mission statement:

All inclusive creative sandbox, that happens to serve excellent coffee from around the world, while teaching sustainability, and helping entrepreneurs work towards their dreams.


1.1 Objectives

* Creative sandbox.

* Walk in gallery for artists.

* Shared studio space for other creatives.

* Retail area to promote traffic to the Harvester building.

* Meeting space for creatives.


1.2 Ways to stream revenue first 6 months

* Monthly art shows featuring local artists, taking 25% commission.

* Pre packaged snack/soft drink sales.

* Private events.

* Co-op space for yoga classes.

*Holding music production and art classes.

*Co-op space to friends to use space to run their tech business out of.


1.3 Keys to success

* Space design will be both visually attractive to customers, and designed for efficient operations.

* Consistent brand building, and building loyal support by giving a comfortable space to create in.

* Building customer loyalty by giving free coffee for first 3 months that we are open, while we are working on securing all the proper funding, equipment, and city permits to be a fully operational food/drink business.

*Work with the community on betterment projects, while teaching sustainability, and the importance of organic fair trade products.

*Be all inclusive.

*Provide information to customers how to turn their ideas into a business to build loyalty.



Our plan/desire is to be able to immediately move into the space, and open as an art gallery and creative work space. During the first 3 months of operation, we will be working at creating the business plan to migrate into a fully operational coffee shop, as well as, secure funding in order to purchase needed equipment. We will be creating a crowd sourced funding project and asking our peers, and community to help us with our dreams. In return we will be working with the community in order to better serve their needs, and provide a space that is open to anyone creative to come work in our space with us. If we are unable to secure enough funding through crowdsourcing and incoming revenue stream, we will work at securing a small business loan. We will also be building relationship with Small Business Association, and the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce. We will work at building our brand, by taking part in local/community driven events. We will maintain a strong social media presence.


The second 3 months, would be spent implementing business plan and the migration into a fully operational coffee shop. During the migration we will continue working with the community, and having art opening events.

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