big omaha V and the beginning of my new project


last week was the fifth time for the big omaha conference put on by silicon prairie news, and also the fifth time i have been the primary dj for the event. i dont even know where to begin explaining how awesome it all was. i love getting to see old friends, and hearing about their projects, and then meeting new friends, and hear about what they are involved in. it is inspiring to hear about project after project, and people taking charge of their own destiny.

usually i am pushing, but this time i had a different project that just kind of popped up in my life a couple of weeks ago. i am working at opening a space in council bluffs, that will be a gallery for my art, as well as, art of my friends. it will also be a space where creatives of different backgrounds can come and sit, feel comfortable, and work on projects. to pull it all together and give people a reason to call us home, will be that i am planning on serving fair trade(3rd wave) coffee. meaning, making it pour over method, french press, and vacuum pot. making each cup personally for the visitor. the way we get to the point of selling coffee, i have no idea yet… we have lots of hurdles that we will have to deal with for that, but in the beginning we will focus on being an art gallery, and creative sandbox.

at the conference inspiration started flowing from the very beginning. the host antonio neves always asks the right questions to get your brain working. he makes statements like “get uncomfortable”. statements like that remind me that when you are content you are not really moving forward, or learning anything(me anyway). so getting uncomfortable to me, means going all in like on opening a space, regardless of funding. regardless on what else is going on in my life.

next up was the first speaker of the event. i did a little investigating and found out that tony conrad is someone that i needed to know and listen to. the projects he is involved in are all things that i believe in. such as being the ceo for, part of the new fit bit flex, maker bot, and most importantly blue bottle coffee(blue bottle is my inspiration for third wave coffee). he started off his talk by giving me a bag of coffee and a tote bag. how cool is that? though out the event i was able to chat it up with him, and ask him questions as they came up in my mind. this is one of the things that makes big omaha so amazing. the speakers all hang out, available to anyone.

there were a lot of awesome speakers, that i could write about, but i feel like there are other writers out there writing posts about them, and this is more of me starting to write about my project, and the inspirations i find along the way to keep me going on this.

there was a bonus of my friend micah baldwin of graphicly showing up and reminding us to take care of ourselves. a great reminder for people following their dreams in dealing with whatever they are passionate about. something i always need to be aware of. being a painter, a dj, and a business creator sometimes it all becomes so much, and the mental exhaustion can take over, and sour you for a bit of time.

special thanks go out to my friends, jeff slobotski and dusty davidson for always including me in their events. i get so much out of the events, that the djing part is happy bonus to it all for me.

here is my latest podcast which features the music that i played at the opening party and throughout the conference.

i will keep you updated on what is going on with my attempt at opening my space, so hopefully i can help you do the same!





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