(short stories) #002


hello friends! here we have the second (short stories) podcast by my new moniker “the things that i tell you”. i am doing these dj sets very low impact, very intimately, and on my iPad mini.

you will find some of the same artists on this one as the last, as i have a limited music collection on the ipad to choose from. last night as i transfered this set from the ipad to the computer, i loaded some new music, so the next set should be visiting some other artists. another thing that you may notice with this one is i started kind of electronic and ended up kind of hip hop/downtempo.

thank you so much for taking the time to download and listen. it really keeps me going in life and with these sets. let the music take you on a journey and tell you a story.

in the nursery visit glenn street – two lone swordsmen
spray can attack – two lone swordsmen
airbag – radiohead
neuflex – two lone swordsmen(decal remix)
col – morcheeba
in triple time – biosphere
once upon a past – wax tailor
love walked past – sharpshooters
the games you play – wax tailer
velvet touch – sharpshooters
drop a jewel – funky fresh few
the hush – rae and christian
flurrying dovecots – bullitnuts
the man with no soul – wax tailor
lost and found – dj shadow

get the podcast here: (short stories)

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