the things that i tell you(short stories)

the things that i tell you(short stories) 001

you may or may not know that i launched a side ambient music project in which i am the producer. i call the project “the things that i tell you”, which i got from a name of a biosphere tune. last night i decided that i needed to start a podcast as a part of the project too. so i am calling the podcast “(short stories)”. for now the dj mixes are done on the traktor dj app on my ipad mini. which if you have a newer iPad, and you like the idea of djing sets for you or your friends, i suggest you pick it up. it is really worth the 20$. one thing with the doing the sets on the ipad is that i am unable to preview songs to make sure they fit, so i am partly going off of memory of the tunes, and partly just shooting from the hip, hoping that it works. you will also notice that i broke free of the square photos with some helvetica text on it. i decided that being called (short stories) that it needed to look like a book cover, as i would like you to sit and listen to the music and let me tell you a story.


track list:
endurium – biosphere
subterranean homesick alien – radiohead
cerebral – fsol
#1 – krush
don’t you love me – jamie lidell
orange – higher intelligence agency
let down – radiohead
grey stripe – aphex twin
in your mind – jamie lidell
basement business – radioactive man
perpetual dawn – orb
reckoner – radiohead
can’t see what is burning there – nicholas jarr
do yourself a favor – jamie lidell
ageispolis – aphex twin

get the podcast here: link to podcast

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