a new vibe

(let go)
(let go)

(leave loneliness behind)

(leave loneliness behind)

hello friends! what a great opening saturday night! glad to keep this inspiration all rolling. i love the life that my work is getting, and it is allowing me to dive in deeper and experiment with different ideas. the photos above happen to be one of those experimentations that ended up working out great! i felt that with dripping hearts there was something missing… i wasn’t going to paint any for the current show, and as i was staring at the one that is titled (let go) it came to me that the dripping hearts were exactly what this piece needed! i am going to be continuing to explore this style/theme. the words are for anyone to understand, but if you are into house music, you may recognize them as words from classic tunes. (leave loneliness behind) is a line from do it now by dubtribe sound system. you can watch the video below. i think you will find it as inspirational of a song as i do.

so… omaha tap house is allowing me to keep my work hung until the end of march, and asked me to continue to add to the collection, so over the next 2 months i will continue to work on pieces like the ones above, as well as, create new pieces that i think will fit their space. if you get a chance please go check it out! it is at the omaha tap house, the address is 1403 farnam street in omaha.

i guess that is about it, i am writing this sitting in a panera waiting for blick to open to buy some more paint, and looking at the clock it is that time! talk to you soon!

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