so… the last week has been an interesting one. from the colorado shootings, to a lincoln woman, being brutally attacked for being a lesbian. my Facebook and twitter feed has been ablaze from friends locally and nationally about all the above. i see some positive things being said and done, but i also see a lot of hate. i get hate, i understand hate, and i feel it too… but that is not right. hate consumes us until we do something irrational. it is a cycle. it bothers me when i see a hateful situation breed more hate. try to understand what drives a person to do something instead of what the outcome was. we all have the seed of crazy in us and at any point our brains can go haywire to cause us to do something insane. i feel like when i am creating art or music, that i am able to work out some of my crazy through the process.

this project that i am calling “less hate more love.” is partly to remind myself to not hate so much, as well as inspire those that come across it to do the same. i imagine a smart ass may come across the pieces i do in the streets and rearrange the words. my thought is that said person will maybe have the words sink into their minds like it does for me cutting the words, and getting intimate with them. i have been thinking about working on something in clay to leave in the streets for a while. as i sat thinking about the events that were inspiring the project, i was also thinking about the clay, how i could incorporate it, and to be able to leave it in the streets without actually vandalizing something. i am not even littering with the pieces as they are made out of natural red clay. the first set i did was by rolling out the letters. i discovered that the letters stick together to much in a bag and i broke some so i had to fix them with some glue. not very practical in the long run. once i saw the piece in the wild i kind of felt like i needed to step it up a notch in style. so i came back home and carved the letters out of clay using a stencil i made yesterday. i feel like this was completely the right thing to do. i am adding the photo of them before i put them out in the streets.

it will be interesting to see where this goes. i also did a linocut to make some prints to go along with this project. i am still working out some of the lines. so as soon as i am happy with that i will get it posted. i will also get up some photos of where they go up at.

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