stroke urban art fair #6

good morning friends! i hope this finds you well today! sorry that i neglected posting last week. if you notice my instagram/flickr feed is blowing up with pieces i have been working on. also deep into the production of the tune for a short, so my time last week was focused on those and a couple secret projects.

i will also mention here what a great time yoga rocks the park omaha was this week. i got to control the vibe of the crowd with some pretty deep ambient music. even snuck some of my tunes in for the crowd, even though no one would ever know what music was mine. there were a total of 440 people in the park doing yoga, and probably another people just hanging out watching it all go down. so inspirational from my point of view.

so todays subject is the stroke urban art fair #6(make sure you click the link to the site) that was held in munich in may. the artists in this video are Four Plus : Arsek, Erase. (Bulgaria), The Weird : Cone, Herr Von Bias, DXTR, Peach Beach, Nychos, Frau Isa, Rookie, Low Bro. (Austria, Germany), Skount (Spain), KNZ Clan : Deep, Hide, Jaman, Ruas (Italy), Blaqk : Greg Papagrigoriou, Simek (Greece), Viagrafik (Germany), and Monsta (France). as i have been searching the web for more info about this art fair, i discovered that they are having #7 in berlin in september, so if you are kicking it in berlin around then make sure you go check it out, and get back at me with some photos!

here is the video made from this past event:

i guess that is about it for this post. keep checking back, and thanks for taking the time out of you day to check out what I’m feeling!

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