sirron norris

hello friends! i want to take the time to thank you all for coming here and taking the time to check out the art/artists i post about. this morning i decided to get back to the photos i had taken on the last trip to san francisco. a couple nights ago, amber said that we could book another trip to sf for halloween time. so i am pretty excited to go back and get more photos of more art, but also to try to work out some projects while i am there. right now i am talking to a friend there, about a collaboration project that we will take the city over in a night.

this post is not about me going to the city though. it is about sirron norris. click his name in the previous sentence to go to his website, i think you will find more paintings by him that are awesome. the bear above is one of his signature characters. i like it, but wish i came across some of his bigger, more intricate murals(next time). here is a great written interview of him and showing some of his art.

here is a video of him in the studio discussing his art, and who he is as an artist:

i guess that is about it for this post. i may get another one done this afternoon. i am working a double at work today, and usually have some time to do some research there, so if i have some time in between shifts i will try to get something else up today. 🙂

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