2012 rva street art festival

good morning. i woke up a little early this morning to thunder and rain. so i was laying in bed, looking for some new street art videos, and the first one i came across is a new one, that was posted yesterday on vimeo. it is all about the richmond virginia street art festival, that went on april 12-15. pretty nice art in it, but more importantly is when the main dude talking about it, talks about the city of richmond realizing that street art isn’t just the vandalism that graffiti is, but instead a way to boost tourism. i agree in every way. you see it in san francisco, when you are photographing street art, you are never the only one there taking pictures. i really think cities that have harsh graffiti laws need to get on board with this train of thought. i think omaha needs to open up the old market alleyways to artists. it would be awesome to have the alleys as part of the tourist destination that is the old market.

anyway i will quit rambling on so you can watch the video.

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