these streets

let me start by apologizing for not posting for the past week. i was at bigomaha djing most of last week, and when i wasn’t there, i was at my day job, and working on some other projects(starting a new site with streaming ambient music, and clouds. for meditation/sleep).

i also haven’t been spending time looking up the artists of the street art photos from san francisco, which i promise to get back on that soon too.

that brings us to todays post. the video focuses on baltimore, that people are rabidly leaving. which is in turn leaving buildings with nothing in them. so the street artists are somewhat beautifying the city. it is interesting too, that like with many cities right now, if you spray paint it is looked at as vandalism, but a wheat pasted poster is considered art, and left alone. i like in the video that one artist acknowledges that he doesn’t go paint on some guys small biz, because that just creates work for the owner. instead hitting the places that people are not keeping up.

enough talk, watch the video:

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