7 years ago i started lowercase sounds.

so this morning i remembered that i needed to get it out there that this sunday marks my 7 year mark of doing a broadcast (most)every sunday night.

it started exactly 7 years ago this weekend. i remember that my friend cory, was helping walk me through turning my computer into a shoutcast server, and then broadcasting into it. it was rough for me trying to figure out all this jargon i had never encountered. well one night it finally connected and from then on it made sense. so i went at it alone for maybe a year. i would have guests, and not always stick to a dj format. i had a band that i was in called “net agri” and we would broadcast our live practice sessions from the basement in our old house. we were blessed a few times also to have the guys of public eyesore come by and play music with us on air too. usually when it was a bunch of people making music we would have a potluck dinner/party and call it “some house in iowa”.

anyway… somewhere after about a year of broadcasting on my own, i connected with stu lee, through his podcast, and i moved my sunday night show to a station called code.fm we were in their sunday lineup, which was cool, because it was their biggest day. we started getting tired of the vibe they were pushing, so stu suggested i start a site… so i did. got help from a friend jarod. he knew some wordpress and joomla stuff so he helped by doing all the coding to make a site work.

after we got everything running somewhat smoothly we started adding new djs to the station. pretty much one or two at a time, so as to not become overwhelmed with bandwidth use and such.

fast forward to today where we have roughly 30 djs from all over the world that call lowercasesounds.com home. from my point of view it is awesome that i was able to turn my outlet for playing the music i love, into the outlet for others too.

i feel that we have such a solid community of support, and djs. we are still growing at 7 years old. lowercase sounds is one of the oldest and longest running internet radio stations. one of the reasons for that i believe is that we are all djs that are in this for the long haul. we are also friends, and each dj on the station actually supports, and listens to the other djs on the station.

for the near future… we are currently working on a redesign of the site. as we move forward, and adding more djs to the lineup we need to simplify the site for growth. such as a rolling schedule that will be able to tell you whats on now, and whats on next. which means the banners for shows will be going away. the scheduler where be where the video window is now. video won’t go away, we are just going to have it in its own launch out window with the chat room. also going to add a radio player to the main page of the site, that will be hiding the chatroom. i feel like the chat gets a little to rowdy for the masses. so my plan is that we will have a radio player covering the chat, and then a tab to switch it. to much to understand? its cool we got cory(the guy that helped out in the first place), sorting it all out for us.

so… i want to thank everyone that has ever given us the time of day! it is so kick ass to be able to share what i love with people that get it. my life is much more enriched having all of my community in it with me! to the djs that are on the station, thank you for backing my vision up! you mean everything to me!

join us sunday night for my show “drifting” at 6pm central standard time. on lowercasesounds.com

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