drifting 009

since i did that quick reblog of the post by “let us in” last night, i figured i would hold off on sharing another artist this morning. instead i will share my podcast that is over at http://lowercasesounds.podomatic.com…

i am listening to this set now, as i post this, and digging it.. it clocked in at just under 2 hours. it was the first set i did that was deep house post trip to san francisco, as the week before i did a disco edits show that i posted for download over at http://soundcloud.com/tres-1/disco-drifting-with-tres there was some sloppiness to the mixing. which is why it is posted over there instead of here.

track listing might be a little off, as i was a little drunk. thanks as always for taking your time to listen! i love you!

something i love – herck
another day – adapter
trabajo – herck
aitor rona – dj deep
fucking beat the node – hernen cerbello
lokal -swayzak
the protocol – hernen cerbello
i love soul – alex sosa
robins tax – js production
slow motion – ben sims
atlantida – jackspot
are you safe – brandcash
bassassisin – jackspot
street talk – chris carrier
kinda umm – tom budden
3rd face – canto
dc madiba – tapesh
miss wonderful – caie john langhorn
terrestre – the sun warrios
try it again – pezzner
the message – johnny fiasco

hit the play button here: http://lowercasesounds.podomatic.com/player/web/2012-04-20T11_07_50-07_00

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