drifting 005

hello! hope you are all well… sorry missed a few weeks posting sets. stay tuned with me on http://Facebook.com/lowercasetres this set i stayed in the 100-110 bpm range, and loved it. i was using torq 2.0 so i was able to search for just tunes in this bpm range. was kind of cool.. the set ended up being great, and the chatroom was having a good time that night! i hope you enjoy this! if you click the photo for drifting 005 it will take you to my podcast page where you can see all my latest podcasts, and download or stream them. you can even subscribe, and it will automatically check for new episodes when you fire up iTunes.

tracklisting: like a star – sello humid – ilo room 208 – fsol son of a don – sello its like -anton zap lose myself – manolo transition – sound like hugo never give up – robert owens sunshines theme – dubtribe blumenwiese neben Autobahn – Ulrich schnauss one ten – shur-I-kan reach me – crazy p return of starlight – woolfy vs projections geisha – tommy nash & christian slater rise of equality – w&p hgg & dubbyman lose yourself – fritz zander conoid tone – higher intelligence agency ville des folies – davide dallamo purple sun – honom get my lovin – frank solano haha – maurice joshua devotion – tres johnson & remedy heaven – kasper bjoerke deep slow – latenta project get my lovin – organized crime icicle -raw sugar soul power – marshmallows man of wisdom -sect around – noir and haze recorded in the garage – mic newman days on south – savvas stop space return – crazy p whats now – cross groove europa – axel boman sunshines theme – dubtribe

bambuser video from 02.19.12 aka drifting 005

streaming audio of drifting 005

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