drifting 002 with tres johnson(lowercase sounds)12.25.11

drifting 002 with tres johnson(lowercase sounds)12.25.11.

hope you all are having a great holiday season! since christmas fell on sunday this year, i decided to do a special ambient broadcast that night. i figured most people were going to need a chiller vibe after dealing with family all day. the chatroom was alive with some familiar chatters, and i think we even picked up a few new peeps. i was going to go longer on this set, but for some reason i was getting a tune ready and the cd deck struggled with it, and i ended up with dead air, so instead of going on i just ended with the last tune before the silence. maybe for drifting #003 i will start where i left off.

i hope you all dont mind this shift into ambient music that i have been doing. i am not tired of deep house, just been needing to explore other avenues of music… speak up and let me know your feelings!

have a happy new year!

track listing:
stars – brian eno
motoc – loscil
untitled #5- sigur ros
cielo – murcof
exposure – fripp
warmed by the drift – biosphere
the dream – orb
zephr – loscil
14.31 – global communications
cometa – murcof
we were once – jessica bailiff
steam – loscil
slider – fsol
rites of passage – future primitive
the time has come – unkle
sparrow – mira calix
the beast – palmskin productions
stormy cloud – krush
deep blaque- dr who dat

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