daily grub and art drops

well today was a painful one at the gym… worked my arms and my chest, and then spent about 20 minutes on the stationary bike… after working out we(amber and i) made our way down leavenworth looking for a space to rent for my biz… no luck there.. we ended up going to daily grub for lunch, and i was really impressed with their space, and their small but full menu… they are a vegan restaurant, with a couple raw foods dishes on the menu… i love that places are utilizing chalkboards for menus… first we ordered avocado tacos for me and curry veggies for amber… i think they were both great, but ambers was the bomb!!! i was still a bit hungry so i ordered a raw taco… i dont even remember what was in it, but it was so delish!! got to rap out with elle(the chef) and the guy working it with her(i wish i had got his name, he was super nice, as was she).. i feel really good about the d.i.y. movement in omaha, all these businesses are opening up on their own terms… amber and i drove up and down 13th st and found a couple spaces that were either to small, or to torn up… i will still entertain the idea of calling the leasing agents on them to see what options are…

ok so next topic… art drops… i have come to the realization that i am far to old to be out tagging up walls with art(even though i really want to), amber has also expressed that she will leave me sitting in jail if i do something with paint that ends me up there, so weighing the options i decided that i needed to come up with another way to get my name and my art out there… so what i came up with is doing small pieces of stencil art or whatever im feeling like doing and leaving them in spaces that i think they will be found… i am leaving a card with a note on the back of the paintings explaining what it is, and giving a way to contact me… i think that it would be cool if i can connect with the finder and see what their feelings are about finding a piece of art that was pretty much for them… the first couple that i am doing are the photos in this post… i will try to get photos of the art in its drop spot too, as i do them…

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